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Episode 1 :: Dave coleman :: 3 stars brewing

Dave Coleman from 3 Stars Brewing likes his beer (so do we!). He also likes his rosé, which makes him perfect, in our book. What happens when good friends, good beer, and good craft cocktails get together? Listen in and find out.

To date, 3 Stars has released over 40 distinctive beers and cultivated a reputation for pushing the envelope when it comes to creativity. They have been recognized for their commitment to their craft, and have received multiple awards for their achievements. They have been named DC’s Best Local Brewery two years running by Washington City Paper, and were named Rising Stars in 2014 by Star Chefs Magazine. DANG!



Get a taste of history and learn a little about upside of prohibition (or as we like to call it, the dark, dark times). Meet John Uselton from Green Hat Gin as he gives us the low down on his premium spirits, where they’ve been, and where they’re going.

In 2012, when John Uselton and Michael Lowe decided to lease a warehouse in the Northeast Washington neighborhood of Ivy City and start up New Columbia Distillers. The company became the first distiller in D.C. in a century and put out its first batch of Green Hat Gin in October.

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They say that it’s good to be the king, and this guy should know. They call him King Cocktail, but if you ask us he’s got a bit of a jester in him too. Listen in and find out why!

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Episode 4 :: Charlotte Voisey :: Hendricks Gin Global Brand Ambassador

On this episode of the Designated Drinker Show, we chat with Charlotte Voisey about living and breathing the hospitality life for more than a decade. Originally starting out as a bartender, this British native quickly climbed the ladder where she eventually became the Director of Brand Advocacy and Mixologist for William Grant & Sons where she looks after the spirits and the brand ambassador team. She’s a two times Golden Spirit Award winner at Tales of the Cocktail, host of The Proper Pour with Charlotte Voisey, was named  Mixologist of the Year for Wine Enthusiast Magazine, and was recognized by the James Beard foundation.

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Episode 5 :: Ann Tunnerman :: Founder Tales of the Cocktail

Ann Tunnerman is the Founder and Executive Director of Tales of the Cocktail, the world’s premiere cocktail event. Her work cultivating and promoting the spirits industry has made Ann a go-to authority on cocktails and the business behind them, regularly serving as a source for national and international publications including Fortune, Imbibe, Saveur, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Condé Nast Traveler. She has earned awards and recognition from around the world including being named a James Beard Award Semifinalist, one of the top 10 most influential people of the past 25 years by Cheers Magazine, and BNIC Cognac Personality of the Year.


episode 6 :: Todd A Price :: Dining Writer, The Times-Picayune

Todd has married the art of language, food and New Orleans to build a tasty career we all envy. Discover his unique views on NOLA and how her many transformations have changed her food and culture scene. Would you expect anything less from a dining writer who's made the Big Easy his home?

Sallie Anne Glassman
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Episode 7 :: Sallie Ann Glassman :: Vodou Priestess

The spirit of this episode is sure to enlighten and entertain. Journey with us as Sallie Ann takes us on her journey of becoming a traditionally-ordained Vodou Priestess and beyond.

Glassman has been practicing Vodou in New Orleans since 1977 and in 1995 became one of few to be ordained via the traditional Haitian initiation. She owns Island of Salvation Botanica, where you'll find religious supplies, medicinal herbs, and Haitian and local artworks. She is also the author of "Vodou Visions: An Encounter with Divine Mystery."

Jaime Salas
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Episode 8 :: Jaime Salas :: William Grant & Sons National Ambassador—Milagro

Wherever he goes, there he is. A man of two worlds, Jaime has a fascinating perspective on life, culture, and heritage, that really speaks to us. It’ll speak to you too, just listen in and see.

Combining passion, charisma and originality with a vast knowledge and reverence for the art of tequila, Jaime is the perfect embodiment of modern day Mexico. Having grown up dividing his time between the creative freedom of San Francisco and Mexico’s tequila producing region of Jalisco, he has definitely developed a unique perspective on the country’s most famous export, which has informed every aspect of his career since.

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Episode 9 :: Ralph Brennan :: Head of The Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group

From CPA to the head of his own restaurant group, Ralph Brennan knows how to serve up an amazing dining experience. With seven restaurants to his name, and a family history steeped in “the biz,” he has had an interesting journey and has even more exciting insight to the future of the service industry. Oh, and he’s the first guest to make us a drink--with a 100 year-old bottle of Ojen, too boot.


episode 10 :: Kelley McDonough :: Director of Public Relations :: Distilled Spirits Council

One should never doubt the ability of a thoughtful and committed group to change the world. And what better world than the distilled spirit world. A toast to their positive mind-opening and palette-enhancing changes.

Kelley McDonough is the Director of Public Relations for the Distilled Spirits Council, a trade association for the spirits sector. In her role, she's champion spirits trends, industry heritage and cocktail culture, all the while traveling the world hosting special events and media tours. She also works closely with the media to disseminate the latest industry data and category statistics.

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Episode 11 :: Alan Walter :: Creative Director, International House Hotel New Orleans

“Great ingredients are like old friends,” says Alan Walter. And we couldn’t agree more. In this episode, meet Alan Walter, Creative Director of the International House Hotel New Orleans.

Unique. Creative. Ingredient Wrangler. These are just a few adjectives to describe Alan. With all due reverence to spirits and their origins, Alan’s approach to tending bar is a modern expression of the American saloons of the Old West, where improvising with whatever spirits were on hand was a must. Unafraid of experimentation or anachronism, he makes his proprietary syrups for use in his extraordinary recipes, many of which are inspired by ingredients from the kitchen pantry. These delicious recipes have gone on to be published by Food & Wine, StarChefs.com and…oh yeah… the Designated Drinker Show. And when he’s not mixing at Loa, he writes country songs.

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Holiday Episode :: Michael Saccone :: Guest Barkeep

'Tis the season for giving and that's exactly what we are doing. With all the hustle-and-bustle and festivities of the holidays comes stress, so our hope is that the recipes provided by our very talented guest barkeep, Michael Saccone (A.K.A. Elf On The Top Shelf), helps spread some much needed holiday cheer.


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Holiday Episode :: Chris bassett :: Guest Barkeep

If you’re looking for that perfect drink to enjoy while you’re getting ready for your next holiday party OR to serve to the in-laws to keep the awkward banter at bay OR just want to leave Santa something more than milk and cookies, you want to listen to this episode. Chris Bassett, our guest barkeep and owner of Myron Mixon's Pitmaster BBQ Alexandria, serves up some delicious drink recipes that are sure to keep you in the holiday spirit.


Episode 14 :: Donna Black :: Owner of Williams Plum Street Snowball

Meet Designated Drinker, Donna Black. In 1979, Donna's husband insisted on buying a snoball stand, which had been shoveling syrup-drizzled snow for over 35 years. Donna didn't know much about this biz, so she was going in cold, preparing to become a snoball stand proprietor with little insight into the art of syrup mixology. Now, more than 35 years later, she confidently calls herself a snoball "barmaid," as she knows each customer, just as dedicated drink-pourer would, by his or her favorite flavor.

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Episode 15 :: Jamie Simpson :: Executive chef liaison culinary vegetable institute

Jamie Simpson, musical rockstar turned rockstar chef. He hails from some of the best restaurants in Charleston, SC and has staged at Michelin-starred restaurants around the world. Today, he is the Executive Chef at  The Culinary Vegetable Institute at The Chef’s Garden in Milan, Ohio. His passion – to promote and grow the sustainable food system.



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Episode 16 :: Scott R. Williams :: Author and COO/SVP Sales & Marketing of the Newseum

Scott Williams is the author of “An Odd Book, How the First Modern Pop Culture Reporter Conquered New York,” and that’s just the half of it. To say he’s had an interesting life is an understatement. He’s gone from leading the marketing and PR efforts for Elvis Presley Enterprises (yes, that’s Graceland) to becoming the chief operating officer and senior vice president of sales and marketing at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. And if that's not enough, he serves on the board of both the D.C. chapter of the American Advertising Federation and the Historical Society of Washington, D.C. And let us not forget, he is a husband and a father to two beautiful daughters.

Designated Drinker, Will Lacey, Savvy Foods
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episode 17 :: Will lacey :: president & executive chef of savvy foods

Will began his culinary journey with the creation of his catering and special event company, Yellow Dog Barbecue. Fueled by creative passion, Will's priority has always been the preservation of the simple fun of cooking. In developing the products now offered by Savvy Foods, Will wanted to enable friends and customers to test their boundaries in the kitchen. 

“Food has the ability to bring people together. It makes strangers into friends and friends into family.”


Designated Drinker Chef Cisero

episode 18 :: Meshach Cisero :: Visiting Executive Chef Prequel Restaurant Incubator

Meshach Cisero, A.K.A. Shaq, A.K.A. Chef Cisero, built a successful career calculating and analyzing “big data” but recently made the decision follow his heart and left the corporate world behind. Until now, he has had one foot in each world but is now investing all of his energies in the culinary world. With a few pitfalls accompanied by many accomplishments, Chef Cisero sits down with us to share his story as he begins his journey towards a very promising culinary career and debuts as the visiting Executive Chef at Prequel, a restaurant incubator. 

Designated Drinker Arianna Lightingstorm

Episode 19 :: Ariana Lightningstorm :: Lipsologist

Ariana Lightningstorm (aka Anna Snodgrass) is one of only 8 Certified Lipsologists, the first certified teacher of Lipsology in the world and was the first on the East Coast to be trained in the fun and entertaining practice of Lipsology. Beyond that, she has more than 35 years of experience in palmistry, tarot and handwriting analysis which she has used to entertain party-goers and corporate event attendees throughout the United States.

What is Lipsology, you ask?
Lipsology is the new and exciting art and science of lip print reading. After studying the lip prints left on her uniquely-made kiss cards, Ariana uses her insights to read the messages that shed light on personality characteristics, energy levels, and more.


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Bonus Episode 20: getting a Taste of Charleston with Tyler Rothenberg :: FELIX COCKTAILS ET CUISINE

We took the show on the road and headed down to Charleston, SC to get a taste of all this blossoming city has to offer. Join us as we check out one of the city's hottest spots on King Street, Felix Cocktails Et Cuisine. We share a few drinks served up by our guest barkeep, Tyler Rothenberg, with their Beverage Director Davey Jones and Chef Elizabeth Schultenover. Find out how this amazing team is working hard to establish Felix as the gem of one of Charleston's most happening thoroughfares that is more than 300 years old and is as rich with culture as it is with amazing bars and restaurants to please even the most particular of palates.