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Designated Drinker :: Riley Sheehey

episode 75 :: Riley Sheehey :: Artist / Illustrator

 Riley’s artwork is a lot like one of Gina’s cocktails. It’s a little sweet. Very thoughtful. A bit poetic and yet, delightfully whimsical. Don’t believe us, take a peek for yourself.

But don’t be fooled, she’s ain’t all suga’. Because anyone who has taken on the challenges of teaching elementary school kids has to have a whole lotta moxie, too. In our books, she’s right down the middle of a perfectly balanced flavor profile!

Designated Drinker :: LynetteMarrero

episode 74 :: Lynnette Marrero :: Co-Founder :: Speed Rack



Co-Founder of “Speed Rack.”

Lynette is widely regarded as one of the foremost talented mixologists in the industry. From the beginning, she’s been breaking the glass ceiling and making room for her fellow female bartenders to excel. In 2011, she co-founded "Speed Rack," a national cocktail competition for female bartenders that annually donates $100,000 to breast cancer charities. With a goal to promote female bartenders and distillers while supporting women's-based charities with a women-only cocktail competition, we are honored to support their efforts and offer a toast to their success.

Designated Drinker :: Paul Friedman

Episode 73 :: Paul Friedman :: Executive Director :: Safer Country

Paul Friedman is a man with a mission. And a tough mission, at that. He is focusing on one of our nation’s most controversial issues, gun control. For the last 2 years, he was the Exe Director of the VTV Family Outreach Foundation, a non-profit created by families of the victims and survivors of the April 16, 2007 Virginia Tech mass shooting tragedy.

And considering, as a nation, we still face many system-fails within our current background check systems, he has recently shifted his direction and established a new non-profit, Safer Country. His goals appear to be simple–get the names of prohibited persons into the gun background check system and prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands–but unfortunately, the task is not.

So, join us as we sit down with Paul and learn more about the current state-of-affairs and how we can all try to prevent more senseless-acts of violence.

Designated Drinker :: Francine Cohen

Episode 72 :: Francine Cohen :: Writer/Editor :: Founder, Inside F&B INK

Award-winning journalist. Compelling story teller. A woman about town, for sure. Francine definitely is a gal after our own hearts.

At the ripe old age of 2-years-old, her refined palette was already being established as she regularly dined on escargot, followed by a Napolean for dessert. Most likely, this was beginning of her great love affair with the hospitality industry which propelled her on a journey that put her in the middle of food and beverage industry.

And now, she’s championing the efforts of the Women’s Cocktail Collective, an organization built on the collaboration of 10 leading female spirits producers, who have come together to elevate the voices of women in their shared industry. Yes, it is true, there is strength in numbers. So, join the effort.  E

Victoria Vergason.jpg

EPISODE 71 :: Victoria Vergason :: Author of Capitol Cocktails :: Owner of The Hour Shop

Victoria turned her life-long vintage barware and glassware obsession into the very successful retail shop, The Hour. As you peruse the store, one can’t help but to be inspired by the unique styles and artistry of 20th Century barware that lines the shelves. It’s like taking a trip through the cocktail time line.

Can’t make the trip to Old Town Alexandria, Virginia? Not to worry. Victoria brings The Hour experience to you through her Neiman Marcus store pop-ups and if you still can’t find her in your zip code, just head to TheHourShop.com. She recently launched, The Modern Home Bar, which offers mid-century inspired barware and glassware that is sure to complement any home bar.

What’s better than a well-crafted glass? A well-crafted glass filled with a well-crafted cocktail. Try Gina’s cocktail that is featured in Victoria’s first book, “Capitol Cocktail,” that explores the DC area cocktail scene and showcases some of the best drink recipes being offered by local masters.  

Allison Evanow :: Founder & CEO :: Square One Organic Spirits

EPISODE 70 :: Allison Evanow :: Founder & CEO :: Square One Organic Spirits

In 2004, Allison founded Square One Organic Spirit. She was not just one of the first women to start and fund her own spirits company, she truly helped pioneer and shape the organic spirits industry as we know it today. She is definitely a superhero in our book.

All of Square One’s products are made from 100% certified organic rye, that is sourced in Montana and distilled in Idaho. Their organic distillation process uses only natural botanicals to infuse the complex profiles, making their spirits perfect for crafting cocktails. They truly transcend the typical flavored vodka category and prefer to be called “botanical spirits.” We just call them delicious.

Designated Drinker :: Eileen Whelan

episode 69 :: Eileen Whelan :: StormWatch7 Meteorologist & Good Morning Washington Anchor

Who better to sit back with, talk about the weather with, and have a cocktail with than Eileen Whelan? She’s a self-proclaimed weather enthusiast and has been since the age of 6 years. As a child, she kept a vigilant eye on the weather so she could keep her father, a commercial roofing contractor, up-to-date with all the current weather conditions. Making her the O.G. of weather apps.

Her passion for weather never diminished and in true “over-achiever” fashion, she double-majored in Earth & Atmospheric Science and Mass Media. A perfect storm to help create the StormWatcher she’d later become.

To catch Eileen in action, tune-in to Good Morning Washington or as she travels across the DC viewing area in the ABC7s Storm Chaser Hummer providing live weather.

Designated Drinker :: Beth Shapiro

Episode 68 :: Beth Shapiro :: Executive Director :: Citymeals on Wheels

Beth is truly uplifting & challenges us to think well beyond ourselves. As the Exe Dir of Citymeals on Wheels, she works hard to keep the needs of homebound elderly top of mind. Thanks to her astute leadership, the organization has seen more than a 50% increase in volunteer support & increased meals served up 10%. She's launched several initiatives to include Chefs Deliver, which takes some of the city’s best chefs  out to deliver specially prepared meals to their frail aging NYC neighbors. Inspired, yet?

Elizabeth Falkner 360.jpg

Episode 67 :: Elizabeth Falkner :: Chef :: Author :: Artist

Avant-garde film maker turned chef, Elizabeth Falkner was many talents. Whether it’s her approach in the kitchen or her live art performances, the key ingredients are always creativity, imagination and a dash of the extraordinary.

She has competed on Iron Chef America, The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs as well as, The Next Iron Chef: Redemption. And if when you were in San Fran, and dined at Citizen Cake or Orson Restaurant, then you know just how incredibly talented she is in the kitchen. Or maybe you were lucky enough to grab a bit of nosh at Krescendo, a Southern Italian restaurant she opened New York City. If not, not to worry. You can try your hand at some of her delicious recipes, because Elizabeth also authored, “Demolition Desserts” and “Cooking Off the Clock.”

To help end childhood hunger in America, Elizabeth’s preparing for “Chefs Cycle,” a 300-mile-in-3-days bike ride. To support her in this honorable endeavor, or any other chef pedaling for such a great cause, please donate here

And if that’s not enough. Elizabeth is also the President of Women Chefs & Restaurateurs, which is an association for the advancement of women across the culinary industry.

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