Bellying up to our bar, and your ears, are some of the best in the business. Get to know a few of the amazing people who help make their respective industries all that they can be. Every moment with them feels like happy hour, and you’re invited.



Ann Madden and Sandy Maggio :: Artists :: Co-Owners Smith & Lens

As Ann and Sandy both say, Smith & Lens is so much more than a gallery of just 4-walls and we couldn’t agree more. Just like the founders, it’s a little bit quirky, totally unique and a whole lot creative. The walls are adorned with works by various artists, to include Ann’s thoughtful, yet a bit rebellious approach to photography and her mix media pieces. As a silversmith, Sandy handcrafts metal into stunning jewelry, hollowware bowls and so much more. Each piece is truly a unique work of art.

Unleashing their creative spirits outside of their gallery, these two amazing women have established two can’t-miss festivals. Every January, head to Bay St. Louis for Dolly Should, a fest to celebrate Dolly Parton’s birthday with a Dolly look-alike contest, all sorts vendors and delicious food, of course. If you’re looking for a bit of Frida fun, then start growing your unibrow now and get your floral headband ready for Frida Fest. Every July, the community comes together to celebrate the art of Mexico’s famed artist, Frida Kahlo. This year’s proceeds will go towards an art supply and education fund for budding artists. Both of these grassroots fests are FREE, so why not put both on your calendar?