Bellying up to our bar, and your ears, are some of the best in the business. Get to know a few of the amazing people who help make their respective industries all that they can be. Every moment with them feels like happy hour, and you’re invited.

Desginated Drinker :: Maggie O'Neill

Maggie O’Neill :: Artist, Designer & Co-Founder ::  Swatchroom

Maggie is a creative genius that is as vibrant and thoughtful as her amazing artwork. Whether she’s painting individual art pieces that grace only the most fortunate of walls, transforming commercial spaces into unique creative expressions or giving back through all her charitable works, she is truly a force of pure inspiration.

Fortunately, you too can add some of her brilliance to your world and brighten someone else’s in the process. With each purchase from her “prints that #giveback” collection, she donates money to a selected charity.