Bellying up to our bar, and your ears, are some of the best in the business. Get to know a few of the amazing people who help make their respective industries all that they can be. Every moment with them feels like happy hour, and you’re invited.


Designated Drinker :: Chris Patino

Chris Patino :: Co-owner :: Raised by Wolves & Simple Serve

Chris has a lot to brag about. His wildly successful craft cocktail bar, Raised By Wolves, was named Imbibe Magazine’s “Cocktail Bar of the Year 2019,” and Esquire declares them as one of the “The Best Bars in America, 2019.” As if that wasn’t impressive enough, it is one of the only venues in the U.S. that combines a bar and a fine spirits retail operation under one roof. Oh, and don’t even get us started on about Chris’ amazing head of locks.

When Chris isn’t galivanting across the globe inspiring and empowering bartenders, he is focusing on Simple Serve, a trade-focused marketing agency, and Bartender’s Weekend in San Diego, an annual event he founded with his business partner and long-time friend, Erick Castro. Damn, Chris is one busy dude. Cheers to him.