Bellying up to our bar, and your ears, are some of the best in the business. Get to know a few of the amazing people who help make their respective industries all that they can be. Every moment with them feels like happy hour, and you’re invited.

Designated Drinker :: Lauren Mysercough

Lauren Mysercough :: Co-founder/CEO :: Cocktail & Sons

From practicing law to slinging drinks at dive bars to crafting cocktails in Michelin star bars to being featured in Garden & Gun, Lauren’s path that led her to create magical elixirs for the at-home bartender is quite the journey.

Over the years, Cocktail & Sons have concocted recipes for a line of all-natural and handcrafted syrups designed for classic cocktails: Old Fashioned, Daiquiri, Mojito, Tom Collins, Margarita, Gimlet,  as well as any new fangled modern cocktail you might want to whip up. We think she’s as delightful as her syrups!

Designated Drinker :: BobRomero

Bob Romero :: Gentleman Farmer :: Three Brothers Farm

Talk about a sweet episode (it just had to be said). Bob is a true character and gentleman of many sorts. He sits down to tell us what it means to be a gentleman farmer of Three Brothers Farm and how the way he farms makes for a superior sugar that is as delicious, as it is good for the environment.

Designated Drinker :: Seb Derbome

Sebastien Derbomez :: National Brand Ambassador :: Hendricks

Over 14 years ago in a bar in London, Seb’s career in the beverage industry started off with making a drink for none other than Bruce Willis. Talk about jumping into the deep end of the pool! Of course, this was just one of many cocktails he would serve up in some of the swankiest bars found throughout the world.

Now, as he heads up the U.S. Hendrick’s Gin team of band ambassadors, he’s bringing the unusual and curious Hendrick’s Gin brand world to life and introducing their newest additions to their unique line-up of gins, Midsummer Solitice and Orbium. Just when we thought their gin couldn’t get any better, they prove us wrong. How lucky are we?

Designated Drinker :: DerekBrown

Derek Brown :: President :: Drink Company

Derek’s passion for history and making cocktails intersect in his recently released book, “Spirits, Sugar, Water, Bitters: How the Cocktail Conquered the World.” As a self-proclaimed “history buff,” he takes us on a journey through American history by way of the cocktail's birth, rise, fall, and eventual resurrection which has made us all so thankful.

As a leader in the classic cocktail movement, he is truly a guru on the history and culture of spirits and drinks. Derek travels the world teaching seminars on the importance of alcohol and how it has helped to shape our society. He is a co-owner of Drink Company which is the force behind the award-winning Columbia Room and PUB, a rotating pop-up bar that houses thematic concepts such as Miracle on 7th Street, Cherry Blossom, Game of Thrones and currently, Levels Unlocked. Thirsty, yet?