Bellying up to our bar, and your ears, are some of the best in the business. Get to know a few of the amazing people who help make their respective industries all that they can be. Every moment with them feels like happy hour, and you’re invited.

Designated Drinker :: Todd Thrasher :: Owner/Distiller :: Tiki TNT & Potomac Distilling Co.

Todd Thrasher :: Owner/Distiller :: Tiki TNT & Potomac Distilling Company

Todd has a long history of building bars and creating awe-inspiring cocktail menus but now he has set his sights (and put his name) on something much bigger. His long-awaited bar, Tiki TNT, and rum distillery, Potomac Distilling Company, have come to fruition in the hottest spot in DC, the District Wharf.

 In this 2-part episode, we cozied up to Todd’s tiki bar – where we may have tipped a few too many back – as he shared his journey to becoming a rum distiller and how he’s putting his personal spin on tiki cocktails.